Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News in Hard Times

Massive Demonstrations Sweep Nation
Outdoing the massive manifestations in Europe, tens of millions of ordinary Americans took to the streets today protesting the sinking economy that bails banksters while letting workers drown in debt and desperation.
The depth and discipline of the demonstrations indicated that a huge and highly organized movement of progressive-minded Americans was on the move, demanding jobs, economic justice, a decent health care system, an end to imperial wars, and a political system that reflected the will of a well-informed and civic-minded citizenry.
President Obama took time from the G20 meeting in London to salute the demonstrators back home. He called upon them to keep up pressure on congress to get his sweeping reform program enacted. He pointed out that in FDR’s time during the Great Depression, the president told his labor secretary that if she really wanted rights for workers, she would have to create the political will to make them irresistable so that he had no excuse not to support them.
Though hard times persisted in America, the mass demonstrations were peaceful and optimistic as if people were beginning to understand that with unity and knowledge they had the power to take over their own lives
April Fool’s!

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Anonymous said...

Be a long time before America takes to the streets united over anything. What to watch on tv. Fox channel at 5pm this friday to see RJ Presitto from Middlefield Ct.(Seb Aresco's nephew. Has extreme right wing views but it will be interesting to see someone you know. cheers ld