Thursday, September 3, 2009

Law Limiting Third Parties Thrown Out

Greens Get a Break
Democrats, as I’ve long noted, are just one party away from believing in a one party system. Certainly, no one has worked harder to eliminate third parties from the ballot. The Dems have successfully used courts and legislatures in virtually every state to throttle Greens and other practicioners of small d democracy.
Well, they finally lost one. A federal judge in Hartford ruled last Friday that the state’s recently enacted campaign financing law “imposes an unconstitutional discriminatory burden on minor party candidates’ exercise of fundamental rights for no compelling reason?”
If there are five people making political speeches in the park, and the government gives two of them megaphones, that unfairly drowns out the others, said U.S. District Court Judge Stefan Underhill.
Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the Connecticut Green Party, a plaintiff along with the Libertarian Party, said the law was aimed at leaving no Democrat or Republican behind. He welcomed its repeal. So do I.

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microdot said...

I also!
The Green Parties of Europe are becoming a viable force in the European Union...
So much so that Sarko is playing a dangerous game to discredit them with a "carbon tax" thta unfairly punishes the middle class, small businesses and the rural population...
Hopefully it will backfire, the polemic seems to be going in that direction.

Sarkozy is trying to bring the American model of the charade thta passes for politics to France.
Because of the chaos of the last election,the multi partied prism of the left....Socialists, Communist, various species of Trotskyites are being forced to unite out of neccesity.

I believe thta America can support a multi party system. It would open up the flow of ideas and make the game much more interesting.