Monday, February 28, 2011

Good times on the Vineyard. Yours truly, Suze, Jill and Enzo

Suze Rotolo Bartoccioli
We were friends forever, if you can say that about fifty five or so years. Platonic but passionate, personal but political. Occasionally hitting clinkers but always in tune. Laughter was our bread and wine. If you didn't know her, read this remembrance by someone who knew her well, or better still her book, A Freewheelin' Time.
Suze not only gave me her lifelong friendship, but brought me that of Enzo and Luca as well. Next to my own Jill and Alex, I’ve received no greater gift. She was a golden girl at sixteen and grew wiser but never older. As another old friend of hers once wrote, she was forever young.
Ciao, bella.


Anonymous said...

Pete, I was so sorry to learn of Suze's death while listening to NPR over the weekend. I am sorry for your loss (and Jill's). I'm sure you have some wonderful memories of times you and you families shared. Glo

George said...

Well put, Pete. Suze and I go back at least to 1958 at Camp Kinderland (she says we'd met earlier). You said everything that I would have said. Suze's a really special person and she'll always be a part of us. Take care...


Anonymous said...

You both described Suze with such compassion and caring
and the sadness that touched me and others. Thank you.