Friday, September 21, 2012

Half Great
      Mitt the misfit was caught saying that half of our fellow citizens are losers and layabouts. Does that make America the half greatest country or the greatest half country on earth?
     The first and last thing they teach in politician’s school is to keep repeating that America is the non pareil nation. And despite the fact we revere individualism, this mantra does not apply to individuals. If I, for instance, endlessly bragged that I was the greatest person on earth because I was American, I would be given the bum’s rush. No, the brag is only acceptable if America, and preferably corporate America, is the subject
    To be sure, this self salutation is vacuous, vainglorious and meaningless. That becomes apparent as soon as you ask its deliverers to name the second and third  greatest countries. A few might venture “Hawaii” or “Disneyworld,”some will stroke their chins, and some will turn hostile.
    The pundits are complaining that there’s too much rallying and not enough reality in the campaign.  They want O and R to lay out  specifics about how they propose to keep the greatest the greatest or make it the greatest again.  But, of course, the pols don’t have that info. The plans for the future of America are not being drawn in Washington but in corporate retreats and the lounges of conservative think tanks. The job of the pols is to obediently turn them into laws and policies.  It barely matters whether Dems or Reps handle this chore. 

      Remember, nothing the pols say has to be true or even plausible. They can still call America the greatest even when the 1 percent finally have it all and we in the 99 percent, in the inspiring words of Ayn Rand, take our proper place in the world as "mud to be ground underfoot and fuel to be burned by those who deserve it."