Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Terror, Terror and Terror
    "Their way of life is collapsing: kids are too terrified to go to school, adults are afraid to attend weddings, funerals, business meetings, or anything that involves gathering in groups. Yet there is no end in sight, and nowhere that ordinary men, women and children...can go to feel safe.”
    Boston last week? No. Northwest Pakistan any week. Or Guatemala in the 1980s. If you were focused on the Boston bombing, you might have missed a couple of other terrorism stories in recent days: 
    In Pakistan, former close American ally, Daily Show guest and all-around tyrant, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, thought it was safe for him to go home and run for office.  Instead, he was arrested  on charges ranging from murder and abuse of power to treason. It was Musharraf who secretly authorized the ongoing droning by the U.S. of his own country. The effect on his own people is reflected in the quote from CNN at the top of this blog.
    In Guatemala, former dictator General Efrain Rios Montt, a sub-commander of Ronald Reagan in our never-ending war on the leftists of Latin America, is finally standing trial for genocide. Roughly 200,000 men, women and kids, mostly Mayan Indians, were butchered by his regime in the 1980’s, their villages flattened by troops advised and armed by the U.S. and Israel. The crime of the Mayans was that for millenia they practiced a communal way of life. We don’t permit socialism in our backyard.
    Including the Boston Marathon bomber, that’s three terrorists facing judgment.  Imagine if we could prosecute all of them. That would make work for every lawyer in Washington.