Thursday, April 7, 2016

We're Too Rich To Afford Some Things
      Hillary and her horde are charging that Bernie has his numbers all wrong.They claim his promises for universal health care and free college tuition are just pie in the sky.
    Translated into straight English, they’re saying that the U.S., the self proclaimed richest nation on earth, can’t afford the civic and social benefits long common to just about every first world capitalist country. Or as Hillary puts it, "we're not Denmark." I could add that, when you come right down to it, we're not really first world any more either.
    Of course, Hillary's assertion is pure bullshit. Uncle Sam has unlimited trillions to make wars, prop up the stock market and otherwise indulge the already rich. It's only proposals to benefit ordinary Americans that, we're told, we cannot afford. Or so says Hillary, campaigning in New York in her spiffy $600 haircut from Bergdorf Goodman, 
     As the race tightens up, you can expect a lot more such sniping  at Sanders. But don’t expect a head-on attack on Bernie’s key point about the utter corruption of our political economy. For whenever Sanders rails on that subject, reporters in the room grow silent, hang their heads and nervously shift their feet. They know that he’s telling the God’s own truth about the big con game that pays their salaries.  Unable to defend chicanery, the most they can do is accuse Bernie of being a “one note” candidate.  But what a life-or-death note that is!
   By contrast, let one of the proven perpetrators of that corruption show up before the camera, say some Wall Street master of the universe who’s paid billions in fines and millions buying politicians to keep him out of jail, and new pages are written in the annals of lickspittling and brown-nosing by the very same reporters.
    Let’s be honest. Anyone who’s pays attention knows that the good old U.S.A. is not a democracy but a plutocracy fast turning into a kleptocracy. That means the more you steal, the richer, more invulnerable and more respectable you get.  It means that the government will generally ignore your depredations or, at worst, take part of your swag in the form of fines, before giving you a never go to jail card and letting you go to steal more.
    The Clintons then, like Obama now, used to smooth the way for the masters of the universe.  They have since become masters themselves. And if Hillary wins the White House, you can be sure that the Clinton millions will become billions. And what will Barack Obama be doing? He’s already busily working on his billion dollar “legacy”  by which people with the really big bucks will make him one of their own in thanks for all he has given them.