Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Tax Dollars At (Dirty) Work 
   Back in 2006, the anti-Democratic regime of strong man George W. Bush spent at least $15 million subverting the popularly-elected government of Venezuela.  We know the amount from a new WikiLeak of a secret memo sent by the then U.S. Ambassador in Caracas to SouthCom, the Pentagon command assigned to strong arm the shrinking South American division of the empire. The document covers four points: “penetrating Chavez’s political base,” “dividing Chavismo,” “protecting vital US business” and “isolating Chavez internationally.”
    No doubt, a lot more money was spent that year for the same purpose by other branches of our government. And it wasn’t even an election year in Venezuela, when the big bucks pile in from Washington (meaning us) to impress our brand of droneocracy on its people.
    It’s still going on--and it's obviously a waste of coin. If anything, the revolution in Venezuela has been putting down deeper roots and becoming more popular over the years. That’s what tends to happen to governments that stop serving the the rich and are obliged instead to share their powers with ordinary citizens and provide tangible benefits and services to them. 

     For instance, in Venezuela there is no Chavezcare equivalent of Obamacare designed to profit insurance companies. Instead, they have free medical care for everyone. Like in Christendom. And that bad example is one of the reasons that Washington remains intent on getting rid of the responsive regime in Venezuela and the other progressive countries to the south of us. 
    If you take the trouble to peruse the links in this blog, including the full text of the WikiLeak's memo, remember that the constant positive use of the word democracy by Ambassador Brownfield has little to do with its dictionary definition. What the ambassador and  our other policymakers mean by democracy is our political economy characterized as it is by lootocracy and the extreme concentration of wealth and power.

   Venezuela is having an election in a few days to choose a successor to the late President Chavez.  It looks like Vice President Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver and labor activist, is a shoo-in. No doubt, all the opprobrium heaped on the beloved Chavez will now rain down on Maduro.  And no doubt the American embassy will keep on buying "democracy" with dollars just like Obama spreads freedom with his kill lists.