Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Monday, March 1, 2021

Only Speculating

   Why do dogs chase cars?  I haven’t the foggiest.
   What was Trump going to do with the Capitol? Until more tell-all tales hit the media, we can only speculate.
    So let's assume that the Trumpen element got everything they wanted from their Jan 6 outing. The grounds of the Capitol would be strewn with broken and dead bodies, including Nancy Pelosi’s swinging from a gibbet. Likely also that of Mike Pence depending how he handled his boss’s order to cook the books at the Electoral College. Trump would have already announced that he would remain president for at least four more years. Inside the Capitol, the artists among the Trumpen element would be decorating the walls of the hallowed building with their feces while screaming racist epithets. Just the sort of people you want running the country.
    What I can’t figure is Trump’s expectations  Did he really believe that Mike Pence’s visit to the Electoral College could keep him in the White House? Did he think that the incoming Biden administration would just pack up and go home and that the people who own and run this country, including big business, the military, cops and spooks, would surrender our USA to a mob of cretinous thugs led by a malefic con artist?
    We now know that the Trumpen element at the Capitol was salted with cops and feds. How far up the ranks did they go? Were they freelance rioters or under discipline?
    There’s already talk about setting up a Jan. 6 probe modeled on the 9/11 investigation to answer some of these questions. Yes, only some. If the inquiry is based upon 9/11, you can expect omissions and cover-ups. For instance, the 9/11 scrutinization omitted references to Saudi Arabia, the chief suspect. Might we get a 9/11 probe a few years down the road without much if any mention of Donald John Trump?