Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Murder By Memo 

NBC News, to its credit, yesterday released a Justice Department memo that reveals more scary details about the Obama administration’s murderous attack on the Constitution and the rule of law.  Below is an update of my blog of May 21, 2010, when I first learned some of the awful truths.

     In Catch 22, General Dreedle, annoyed by Major Danby’s moaning, orders that he be taken out and shot. Dreedle’s son, Colonel Moodus, whispers to him and he replies in surprise: “‘You mean I can’t shoot anyone I want to?’ He pricked up his ears with interest as Colonel Moodus continued whispering. ‘Is that a fact?’ he inquired, his rage tamed by curiosity."
    The reason General Dreedle couldn’t shoot anyone he wanted to is western civilization. Once upon a time, kings and generals killed people and started wars at their whim. Over centuries, the rule of law and popular consent gradually replaced Caesar’s thumbs up or thumbs down. Thus the west became civilized.
    It was a long process. In 1215, King John of England was forced by his barons to sign a document stripping him of many of his ‘divine’ powers. Called the Magna Carta, it codified habeus corpus. No longer could the king simply off you on his say-so. If he thought you had committed some infraction, he had to produce you, bring charges and let a trial decide your guilt or innocence.
    Five hundred later, the U.S. Constitution declared that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law.” And now we have a  leader, a lawyer no less, and his followers acting as if these two documents did not exist.
     Before these latest revelations about yet another Murder Inc. operating from the Oval Office  (Lyndon Johnson accused JFK of running one, if you recall), Barack Obama gave us several indications that, even though he was a professor of law, his devotion to it was casual at best.
    He declined to prosecute the war crimes charged to the Bush administration.  He said they were in the past and he was looking to the future.  Try that with a judge the next time you get a traffic ticket. Then he backed away from trying the perpetrators of the greatest financial crime in history. Such cases, with all those numbers, were too complicated to bring, his non-prosecutors said, adding that, in any event, the obvious culprits were too rich and too powerful to punish.
    Had a Republican president committed such derelictions, the Dems and liberals would be having conniptions. But since a Dem was doing the devil’s work, they changed the subject or took naps. What did you expect?
    The people who own and run this country are much sharper than us.  Decades ago, when they wanted to do business with super commie Red China, they picked hard-line anti-communist Richard Nixon to cut a deal with Mao.  Now, when they’ve decided that the rich and imperial must be protected from law and order at any cost, they cast a reputedly “liberal” black constitutional lawyer to be their hitman. And still the hopeless liberals nap, undisturbed not only by the killing of “terrorists” a world away but also indifferent to the news that Obama’s FBI considers the Occupy movement here at home a “terrorist” organization.