Friday, May 16, 2008

The Way the Media Work
Day 1: George Bush says two and two is five.

Day 2: Washington Post reports two and two is four is “a suddenly controversial concept.”

Day 3: Fox News decries Arabic numerals as anti-American.

Day 4: Hillary tells Fox that Brubeck’s Take Five is her favorite tune.

Day 5: ABC investigation implicates Lebanese accountant.

Day 6: Full page ads by mathematicians back two and two is four and defend freedom to add.

Day 7: Gail Collins of NY Times chides “extremists on both sides.”

The Way I Work
Two and two is four everyday--except on vacation when deux et deux font quatre.


martha said...

Hello...having some trouble getting to you...but...regarding your source at MV...Mr. John A....perhaps you should enlist a backup. Mr. A mentioned in his weekly West Tis news that there was a reunion at Middlefield College in CT - no such place...he was probably referring to the socialist ski area used in former days as a seminar center ...sadly defunct ..another victim of global warming among other things...

martha said...

Enjoying your blog. Sorry we missed K. Rove last weekend. It would have been the highlight of the summer celebrity sighting season. When we see you again have to tell you about the possible origins of J. Allie's last name. Really big political news this week was D.Addington {cheney's assistent] testifying before congress. Great study on how to avoid questions. Are you planning to march? cheers larry d