Monday, September 15, 2008


Scenario Three
My Two Scenarios post back on July 19 posited an Obama victory that could go either way. Now it time to add a scenario figuring a McCain victory.
The Reps openly steal the presidential election. The Dems add to their majorities in Congress. But in the name of national unity they accept McCain’s fraudulent victory.
The blatancy of the fraud is designed to produce visceral anger and massive popular protest. The Bush crowd, still in power until Jan 20 2009, unleashes the forces that have been practicing wholesale repression by conducting massive round-ups of illegal immigrants and dope mongers,
They brutally repress the protests, jailing thousands and disappearing likely leaders. The Democratic congress, with a few honorable but isolated exceptions, looks on passively. It becomes apparent that democracy is dead and lawful protest is futile.
A long night of corporate fascism commences. An underground forms. The battle continues.


Anonymous said...

This is much less likely to happen if Nader does not run.

Anonymous said...

Prior message was from PJ