Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Save Your Eight Stuff

It's No Year's Leave
Back in July I warned that if Obama and the Dems came to power, the righties would erase 2008 from our memory banks just as surely as Judge Crater evanesced into that summer’s eve in long ago Gotham. I’m repeating my alert. You have until Inauguration Day to muster any memorabilia attesting to the existence of the 365 days between 2007 and 2009. Limbaugh and Hannity have already pinned the recession on Obama, while the ever clueless Bush has blamed his old man for the mess. In coming days, they’ll be faulting the Dems for the Gaza ghastlies and the Afghan agonies. It won’t be long before the mainstream media follow suit. By Memorial Day at the latest all the world’s woes will be laid at the bent knees of the Dems and anyone who recalls 2008 will end up behind the eight ball.
So, as I advised last summer, make a 2008 scrapbook to thrill and delight the grandkids and to prove to the doubtful that it was a year that was. --But Happy New Year!

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