Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah's Sighing

Scott’s Personality Parade
Start out with a people globally renowned for knowing little and caring less about the world--except that they should run it. Limit them to a narrow choice of politics consisting of conservatives who seriously believe in a bunch of selfish and self-destructive nonsense, as opposed to weak-willie liberals who long ago gave up the politics of the greater good for those of the lesser evil.
Make sure they learn little in the way of history and critical thinking so that they can keep making the same mistakes forever. See to it that they remain ignorant of economics and consumer savvy so that they can keep being conned and rolled forever. Amuse them with a mercenary media that specializes in treating the trivial importantly and the important trivially. Then never stop telling them that their country is the greatest--even if they’re too dumb to find it on a map.
What you end up with is the American voter. The right can pull up polls showing that the electorate hate the government and want it shriveled to insignificance. The left’s polls indicate, au contraire, that Medicare, Social Security and other government programs are highly popular. Take your pick.
In parliamentary democracies, people vote for parties, meaning policies. Ignorant of ideology, Americans vote for personalities. They see no problem in revering both liberal Dem FDR and rightwing Rep Reagan. Or with going from Teddy Kennedy to his political opposite, Scott Brown. All four had big personalities that counted for more than what they believed about boring stuff like the empire and the economy. Forgetting that basic truism, the arrogant Mass Dems put up a dud to oppose a stud. Game, set and match.
Dems, Reps and the media are blowing smoke about the significance of Brown being the 41st vote necessary to block the Obama health insurance giveaway in the senate. Let it waft on the winds. As prestigious pundit Jon Stewart noted, George W and the GOP got everything they every dreamed of out of the Senate on straight 51 to 49 majority votes. It was the Dems who invented the myth of filibuster-proof 60-vote majority to pre-excuse the failure of their wishy-washy initiatives. Thusly, I have a hunch that the White House and the Dem congressional leadership are not that upset about the Brown upset. It gives them that much more cover for colluding with the Reps.
I can, however, imagine who is pissed as heck: Sarah Palin! She’s going to have pose nekked to catch up with the hunky Brown in the presidential beauty parade that he just joined.

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